Smiling People

The Power of a Smile

Did you know you have 44 muscles in your face?  Did you know that with those 44 muscles you can create over 5,000 different facial expressions?  That is pretty powerful stuff.  What does a smile mean to you?  When we see someone smiling we often think, “That person is very happy”, or “That person has confidence”.

At Lisbon Smiles, it is our privilege to help people achieve the smile they want for more than just functional reasons.   It is true that if your oral health is ideal, you will have fewer dental-related health problems but a smile is so much more than that.  We can, and we have improved patients lives by giving them the ability to smile with confidence.

Smiles Are Contagious

When you see a friend or even a stranger smiling, what is your first reaction?   A Smile!!  Smiles make other people happy and can cheer you up when you are feeling down.  When you smile, it makes you more attractive and approachable.  According to a study from Medical News Today, smiling can help to reduce stress and lower your blood pressure.

Smiling may also be able to help you land that job at your next interview.  Many employers “hire the smile” because a positive attitude is so important in customer service and personal relations.  Just think if you were interviewing people to take care of your children.  Would you hire the person who looks like Mr. Grump or would you hire the smiling, happy woman that looks excited to be given the opportunity?

Also, it is important to remember, you can’t laugh if you don’t smile it first (Admit it, you tried to didn’t you?)

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